Annual Meeting 2006

09 April 2006

It will take place on 9-13 April 2006 and will be hosted by the ASP from Albania. The programme includes a study tour of Albanian wholesale markets and overview of the projects supporting developement of the wholesale markets in the country. Among the participants there will be representatives of the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture. During discussion sessions we will also talk about the foundation issues, its current and planned activities.

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CEI Summit Economic Forum

23 November 2005

The 8th CEI Summit Economic Forum (SEF) will be organized in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, on 23-24 November 2005. At SEF there will be the opportunity to meet industry leaders, senior government officials from the 17 CEI member countries; regional, national and international organisations; financial institutions; professionals and consultants and key business leaders. 1000 participants are expected.

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Visit of the representatives of the Cluj Wholesale Market

10 November 2005

The County Council of Cluj, Romania, with funds from PHARE Program, implements the PHARE Project "Marketing Centre for Agricultural Products Cluj". Under this project the wholesale market for fruit and vegetables is built. It will start operations in mid-2006.

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Workshop on experiences of wholesale markets in new EU member countries

26 September 2005

The workshop was organized in Poland on 26-28 September. It focused on the experiences of the wholesale markes after accession to the EU. The workshop included presentations by representatives of Polish government, wholesale markets, quality inspection. Participants went for a study tour to wholesale markets in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Poznań.

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10th Anniversary of the Bronisze Wholesale Market – a financial success

01 July 2005

In July 2005 ten years passed since the establishment of the Warsaw Agricultural and Food Products Wholesale Market Bronisze Joint Stock Company – one of the founders of the CEI Wholesale Markets Foundation. In spite of heavy repayment of credits, the last three years the company was making profit. For example in 2004 the income amounted to over 8,5 million Euro, while the profit amounted to around 2 million Euro. Currently the company introduces new integrated management systems: ISO 9001, 14001 and HACCP.




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