The current members of the Foundation:

Trznica na veliko d.o.o.

Trznica na veliko d.o.o.
Tasovcici bb; 88300 Capljina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Slavko Dodig
+387 36 80 53 88
+387 36 80 53 88
Capljina, south of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year of construction:
Goods sold:
fruit, vegetables
Total area:
40 000 m 2
Turnover (tones):
40 000 t.
Parking area:
17 550 m 2

In the very beginning Wholesale Market Tasovcici was placed on the area of 1,5 ha, and currently it is placed on the area of 4 ha with the possibility of widening. The closed area of the Market is 2450 m2, and that is rented in total.
Wholesale Market Tasovčići is organized as public institution and it is the part of municipality's structures, and as like it gives the same conditions of marketing politics to everyone.

We may say that the Wholesale Market is the biggest in the region of Herzegovina and the wider as well. All the cities in the neighbourhood including Bosnia and Herzegovina are orriented to it.

Annual turnover of goods - 40 000 t

Domestic production (70 %); import (30 %)

Market Facilities/Facilities for Vendors

  • false banana ripening house
  • false bank
  • false computer for vendor
  • false customs office
  • false exchange office
  • false loading facilities
  • false other
  • true phones for vendor
  • true power for vendor
  • false transport companies
  • true water for vendor
  • false quality control office