About us

About the Foundation

The Central European Initiative Wholesale Markets Foundation was formed with the assistance of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Central European Initiative (CEI), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

The primary objective of the Foundation is to help the newly created wholesale market companies in Central and Eastern Europe to develop and improve their operations to better serve their clientele and increase their revenue earning capabilities. Specifically, the CEI Foundation aims to provide more effective support and services to present and potential new members by:

  • improvement in market operations

The Foundation aims to raise the visibility of its member wholesale markets with local policy-makers/ institutions, drawing on the experience of countries in or outside the region. This will improve the development impact of wholesale markets as well as their financial situation, by improving their income base.

  • improvement in services to attract large-scale, modern retailers

Drawing from the experience of the more dynamic wholesale markets in and outside the region, the Foundation will assist its members to recognize and adapt to the needs of large retailers through the provision of improved logistic services. These services will enable the markets to diversify their sources of income.

  • improvement of exchange of information and experience

The Foundation serves as a point of exchange of information and expertise between and among its member markets and with outside parties in order to share experience and expertise in specific technical areas.

The CEI Wholesale Markets Foundation was registered in Poland in July 1999.

Management Board:

Roman Fedyshyn (President)
Tibor Kekedi (Vice President)
Krzysztof Karpa (Vice President)

Andrei Shervashidze (Board Member)

Mario Mestrovic (Board Member)


Foundation Council:

Jacek Urbański (Chairman)
Slavko Dodig
Thierry Randisi
Anna Brzęk-Szela
Endrin Kashari
Oleksii Chumak


Temporary contact:
Maciej Kaminski