Market Information Systems Training, Warsaw-Bronisze, Poland

03 June 2002

A course for the Members of the Foundation on the application and use of FAO Agrimarket2 software for processing of market prices was held in Warsaw on 3rd-7th June 2002.

Rijeka-Matulji Wholesale Market joins the Foundation

01 June 2002

Rijeka-Matulji Wholesale Market is located in Croatia and its construction was coordinated by National Wholesale Markets Company (NWMC). Delegates from the market participated in Foundation's activities through NWMC and now it is one of the members.

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Workshop on Creation of Full Service Centres (Logistics Platforms)

15 April 2002

The workshop was held on 15–18th April 2002 in the Wholesale Market of Bologna and focused on what is and how to develop a logistic platform, which is considered a fundamental and indispensable tool for: (i) the development of the fruit and vegetable sector and its interfacing with modern distribution systems and for exports, and (ii) the promotion - over time - of quality enhancement (standardisation and hygiene/health controls) of the products transiting through the market.

Annual Meeting 2002

11 March 2002

Annual Meeting of the Foundation was held on 11–14th November 2002, Warsaw-Bronisze, Poland.