CEI WMF Annual Meeting 2015

Workshop of CEI WMF Managers

„Development of wholesale markets through a new platform of cooperation between wholesale markets”

Study visit – Hamburg Wholesale Market, Germany

25-26 May, 2015


On 25 May 2015, the Foundation Annual Meeting with members from Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, and Ukraine focused on the following issues:


  • Approval of the Foundation 2014 Financial Statements and the 2014 Report on Activities
  • Dismissal of the following members of the Foundation Council: Mr. Roman Fedyshyn, Mr. Adam Dziedzic, Mr. Andrei Shervashidze, Mr. Mario Meštrović
  • Appointment of the following members to the Foundation Council – Mr. Jacek Urbański (Chairman), Ms. Anna Brzęk-Szela (Member), Mr. Oleksii Chumak (Member)
  • Dismissal of Mr. Zoran Krsnik from the position of the Foundation President
  • Appointment of the following members to the Foundation Management Board: Mr. Roman Fedyshyn (President), Mr. Andrei Shervashidze (Member), Mr. Mario Meštrović (Member)
  • Discussion on the Foundation activities in 2015 and 2016. The participants received an invitation to visit Ukrainian WMs in 1H 2016.


On behalf of all the Foundation members, the participants thanked Mr. Zoran Krsnik for his pioneer role in the Foundation establishment in 1998 and his active involvement in the Foundation operations until now.

Congratulations to all the newly elected members of the Foundation Council and the Management Board!


Foundation new website

The Foundation new website with improved functionalities in its Price Reporting system and the new Trade Platform will be used to strengthen business relations among the Foundation members.


Foundation regular communication platform

A teleconference of the Foundation members will be arranged once a month to discuss any issues of interest on a more current basis.


On 26 May, the participants visited the Hamburg Wholesale Market and had a Market tour followed by a meeting with representatives of the WM management to discuss the Hamburg WM operations, the present difficulties of WMs in Europe and potential solutions for wholesale markets development.