Report from visit of Foundation Members on the fairs Macfrut 2015.back

From the Foundation, the following representatives of wholesale market were present:

  • 2 persons from Albania WM - Jonida Brahimi and Vinko Nikprelaj,
  • Thierry Randisi from Rijeka-Matulji WM in Croatia,
  • Igor Plotytsya and Serhiy Antonchyk from Lviv WM,
  • Oleksii Chumak from Kiev WM,
  • Anna Brzęk-Szela from Rzeszów WM in Poland
  • and Krzysztof Karpa from Warsaw/Bronisze WM.

On the first day we all have individually walked through the fairs, watching the exhibitors, taking photos, taking notes of some nice ideas of fruit and vegetable presentation, stands, packages, etc. The official meeting of our Foundation Members took place on 23.09.2015. The present Members of respective Wholesale Market briefly presented the situation on their markets, telling about last events, investments and general news from their areas. After the Meeting, Krzysztof Karpa and Thierry Randisi were asked for interview by a journalist of local press, who asked questions about the goals and role of our Foundation, general situation on the fruit and vegetable markets in Easter Europe, impact of Russian embargo on turnover and sales of certain products, cooperation with Italian producers and prospects for the future. Also in that day, we all met for common dinner, where more semi-formal discussions took place. On the next day we continued our tour of Macrfrut fairs visiting various stands and establishing contacts with the exhibitors. We had some B2B meetings with representatives of local wholesale markets (from Padova and Bologna) as well as with big producers and operators on local markets. Below there are few photographs taken during the Fair.













 Main Entrance to the Macfrut 2015


  Main Entrance to the Macfrut 2015


  One of many good looking stands on the Fairs


  Krzysztof Karpa on the background of Polish stand

 Fruits and vegetables were presented in very attractive way

  Krzysztof Karpa in between the meetings .

  Picture of local market in Bologna