The current members of the Foundation:

Nacionalna veletržnica d.d.

Slavonska Avenija bb (Robni terminali Zagreb), 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Sinisa Fabijanec
+385 1 2406 399, 2406 400
+385 1 2406 399
Zagreb, Croatia
Year of construction:
Goods sold:
Total area:

National Wholesale Market Company is a joint stock (shareholding) Company founded in 1998. The founder and the only member of the Company is the Republic of Croatia. The founding capital of the company is 3.279.000 kunas. The main role of the NWMC is implementing the Croatia Wholesale Market Project. NWMC coordinates the interaction between the Government of the Republic of Croatia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Central European Initiative as the key investors, international and domestic counsellors, regional wholesale markets, and local governments as well as other subjects relevant for the realisation of the Project.

The NWMC acquired funds through a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, earmarked to partially finance the construction of wholesale markets, and a loan from the Central European Initiative, earmarked to finance planning and supervision of the building process; the NWCM has then sub loaned the money to the Regional Wholesale Markets. The NWCM supervises operations of the Regional Wholesale Markets and administers payments to the creditors.

Apart from the wholesale market project, the National Wholesale Market Company has been actively involved in several projects of the Ministry of Agriculture.
Regional wholesale markets that are members of the Foundation are described on the separate pages.

Market Facilities/Facilities for Vendors

  • false banana ripening house
  • false bank
  • false computer for vendor
  • false customs office
  • false exchange office
  • false loading facilities
  • false other
  • false phones for vendor
  • false power for vendor
  • false transport companies
  • false water for vendor
  • false quality control office